Control Yourself! (New Control Panel Updates)


As a client of Joyce, Inc., you have access to a Control Panel that lets you easily access and edit many aspects of your site. If you've never used it, or haven't used it recently, here are some of the things you're able to do (depending on your site's age and type):

  • Edit page content
  • Write a new blog entry
  • See your leads (contact form submissions)
  • Update your agents or staff
  • Change photos 
  • Update rentals and listing information

Didn't know you were that powerful, did you? Well you are, so hop into the Control Panel and see what you're capable of! (Forgot your login? No problem. Email to get it reset.)

Recently, we've been spending some "us" time in order to better serve you. We've redeveloped many aspects of the Control Panel to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. Get comfy, because this is going to be a long one...

Homepage Changes

If you've recently used the Control Panel, you'll notice that it looks pretty different the next time you log in! We've redesigned the homepage to make it quicker, easier and more intuitive to accomplish whatever you need to take care of. Here's what you'll see now:

How many differences did you spot?

  1. The navigation is now moved to the left hand site (instead of being at the top). This will help keep the navigation from getting in your way.
  2. Updates will appear when we have news to share with you. It might be related to Joyce, Inc./ListingMananger, or it might be some best-practices we've discovered for your industry.
  3. Notifications will appear if something about your site needs to be addressed.
  4. Quick Links will help you get where you want to be faster.
  5. If you have a ListingManager website, you'll be able to see your newest listings and share them to social media right from the homepage.
  6. If you have forms on your site, you'll see a Leads Inbox. All of the contact form submissions on your site will be archived here.

Lead Dashboard Changes

If you have contact forms on your site, you'll have a Lead Dashboard. You'll be able to view all form submissions, set a status for the lead (i.e., new, closed, open, forwarded, replied). This mini-workflow can be very useful if you have multiple people involved with getting leads from your website, or if you just want to see all of your leads in one place.

Access this feature from the menu by clicking Leads > Leads.

Updated Page Editor

If your site is newer (within the past 2 years), you'll have access to our new, modernized Page Editor. Click the edit button for any existing page, or create a new page, and you'll get a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor. You'll be able to do everything from making small content changes, reorganizing sections, adding photos, uploading Youtube videos, organizing things into grids... whatever your heart desires.

We know some things are easier said than done, so we're always here to help! Just call or email us and we'll walk you through whatever you want to do. We can also help with bigger, more extensive changes to your website.

Access this feature from the menu by clicking Sites > Pages.

Other Features

As before, you can manage your agents or staff by going to Site > Agents/Staff. If you have rentals or want to add details to an MLS listing, you'll find that under Listings. You can also make changes to forms on your website by going to Site > Forms.

You may find that some areas of the control panel are still in development. We'll keep you updated as new features become available.

We've done our best to make editing your site as easy and self-explanatory as possible, but we're certainly open to your input. Share your thoughts and ideas with us, and we'll do our best to make it a reality! If you run into any problems or aren't quite sure how to do something, we're always available to help.

We hope you enjoy your new Control Panel experience!