High Flight Academy Website


High Flight Academy is a flight school based out of the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport. After trying multiple different approaches to getting their website built, they contacted us to get their site airborne (if you'll pardon the pun).

The client's requests:

  • Elevate the design and content to a professional level.
  • Help funnel visitors to sign up for a $99 test flight.
  • Include an online store for lessons and merchandise.

Our solution:

Taking inspiration from the sky itself, we kept the site's design airy with lots of white space and rich blue accent colors. We used a mixture of stock photography and original photography to help users see the beauty of being in the pilot's seat.

After learning the aviation industry's lingo, we built out the content of the interior pages, which previously had been only one or two sentences each. We wrote thorough course descriptions, a mission statement, and ensured that every page includes at least one call to action button or form.

We incorporated an online store into the build so that, once users fall in love with the idea of flying, they can close the transaction right on the website!

The Joyce, Inc. staff looks forward to completing our own Discovery Flights in the near future! See High Flight Academy's site here.