Palo Construction Website Launch


Francis J. Palo, Inc. General Contractors is a construction company based in Clarion, PA. Their long-standing website showcased their heavy highway division, but made no mention of their other divisions: Industrial, CNG and Environmental Services. They wanted a website that showcased the full scope of their capabilities with a fresh, modern look.

After assessing their needs, Joyce, Inc. began research into the construction industry, looking at competitor sites and evaluating keywords. The consensus was that a picture is worth a thousand words: we needed lots of high-quality photos.

Using a photo-heavy approach, we included galleries, slideshows, and carousels to incorporate as many photos of their work as possible. We also tried to keep the content as itemized and straightforward as possible so that anyone seeking a general contractor would know exactly what services the Palo team was able to provide. Most of the calls-to-action focused on getting the user to request an estimate.

To see the full site, visit

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