Seneca Landfill Website Launch


Seneca Landfill, located in Western PA, had no website or online presence. However, as part of a larger family of waste disposal businesses, Seneca Landfill realized that having a web site is a basic business requirement. Additionally, putting together a complete website could satisfy multiple utility, sales and public relations needs.

The Challenge:

At first, we saw this website as a limited opportunity. It needed to contain the landfill's hours of operation and list of accepted items, but what else was there to say about a landfill? Would we even be able to fill out multiple content pages?

The Opportunity:
Once we sat down with the team at Seneca Landfill, we realized that their business is incredibly advanced and complex. A landfill is not just a garbage deposit site; it's a massive ecosystem of technologies and renewable energy resources. Suddenly we realized that our website build-out was going to be richer and fuller than we had expected. We spent several sunny afternoons catching the landfill and its surrounding facilities in just the right light (or later enhanced the photos using LightRoom). All content and photography work on the website was done by the Joyce team - and it wasn't hard to make it interesting.

The Result:
We developed a site that reflects the advanced technology of the landfill. This site utilizes Bootstrap, a popular framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. With our custom CSS, we created a design that was clean and fresh. We integrated icons from FontAwesome to represent each of the landfill's unique features, keeping the design graphically compelling yet simple and clean.

The crown-jewel is the custom-designed interactive map. An aerial photographer got some great overhead photos of the landfill grounds, and we created a responsive overlay with map points. Users can click on the map points to learn more about each building and location at Seneca Landfill. This feature is a great educational piece for students and local residents wanting to learn about the environmental impact of landfills. The map also serves as a utility piece for drivers needing to navigate the property.

The site also features an ongoing blog section for news and important information. We keep the blog up-to-date with SEO-focused articles, community news and industry topics.

The site is now live at