Somerset Environmental Solutions Site Launch


One of the greatest things about web development and marketing is learning from our clients. We pride ourselves on becoming experts in your business, and in your market, so that we can develop effective solutions and recommendations to drive your business. Because of this, we often find ourselves saying, "I had no idea this product (or industry) existed before we started working on your site!"

One client that made us say that recently is Somerset Environmental Solutions. This company's product, the Maelstrom Oxidizer™, treats acid mine drainage water. It uses low-pressure high-volume air to oxygenate bad water and allow hazardous metals to precipitate out, leaving water clean and EPA-compliant. Of course, the Joyce Inc. staff learned all of this information along the way, using our newfound understanding to figure out the client's needs.

As a Business-to-Business client, Somerset needed a site that was clean, simple and scientifically compelling — ultimately driving the user to get a free site evaluation or use the contact form. Working with a design team, we developed a site that was mobile friendly and made great use of embedded video. The design and copy feature prominent data points so that users see the value of investing in a Maelstrom Oxidizer™ immediately.

Because of the highly specific audience Somerset seeks, this client was very interested in advanced analytics of their site's performance. We are taking deep dives into the client's Google analytics, figuring out how users are finding the site, where the users are coming from geographically, and how to ensure conversions.