SSB Bank Website Launch


SSB Bank in the North Side has served Pittsburgh since 1922. Formerly Slovak Savings Bank, the company began the process of rebranding to a shorter, more familiar name in 2016. The rebranding included a new logo, a new set of design standards, a new branch location in McCandless, and a new website.

We were brought on to provide a modern, mobile-friendly website. The goal of the site was to communicate SSB's commitment to community, while also emphasizing SSB's growing footprint in the Pittsburgh banking landscape.


Because this site is primarily used by the public, we designed it to be sleek and self-explanatory. Clients can access online banking via a portal on the homepage. In addition to a clean navigation layout, we also included quick buttons to help users find the right products for them from the homepage: personal banking, personal loans, business banking and business loans. We wrote a robust, SEO-driven content page for each of these areas to help answer any questions and drive potential customers to contact SSB.

We made location and contact information as visible as possible, since many clients would be looking for this information at-a-glance. We also built a news ticker for the homepage so that information about rates and bank holidays could be posted and viewed with easy access.

We also provided a photo shoot of Pittsburgh's North Side, taken from Mount Washington. This photography showcases the beauty of Pittsburgh but also positions SSB Bank as a member of the city's community as a whole.


We look forward to continue supporting SSB Bank's internet presence growth with other digital marketing initiatives planned for 2017.