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Making the web a better place for everyone.

Our company is dedicated to making our website accessible and usable for all individuals. We have made efforts to make our site as perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust as possible. If you need any assistance using our site, contact us and we will provide personal assistance.

A few decades ago, the American Disability Act determined that all public spaces should be accessible by anyone, regardless of ability or disability. The Internet is considered a public space, so it falls under this umbrella.

Website accessibility is the ease with which someone with a physical, visual, auditory, or other limitation can use the functionality of a website. Conversations about website accessibility are getting louder because, in October 2019, the Supreme Court allowed Domino’s Pizza to be sued for not having an accessible website.

The following links will help you get a better understanding of accessibility, and understand if your own site is accessible.

View our full Pittsburgh-North Regional Chamber of Commerce presentation on what this means for businesses, and how to tell if your website is accessible.

Lighthouse Site Auditor
ChromeVox Text-to-Speech

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