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Vogel Holding, Inc.


Vogel Holding logoClient: Vogel Holding, Inc. (companies throughout Western PA and Ohio)

Challenge: the large company needed a functional, consistent, and informative online presence.

Solution: an ongoing relationship consisting of...

  • custom-designed website
  • content writing
  • Google Ads
  • review monitoring
  • photography
  • graphic design

Vogel Holding, Inc. has served western Pennsylvania for over 60 years. What started with two people and a truck has evolved into a legacy with many sister companies.

We have provided design, photography, back-end development, and digital marketing for all of the Vogel companies:

Screen shots of Vogel Holding website across devices

New features programmed into the Vogel websites:


We reprogrammed the payment portal to allow for additional payment methods, giving Vogel's clients more options to pay. Better validation on customer data helps reduce mistakes and errors with payments.

Interactive Content

Seneca Landfill wanted to illustrate the process of "garbage to gas" on their website. We designed an interactive page that shows the journey from trash collection, to deposit into the landfill, to gas extraction and processing, and finally, use as CNG fuel, pipeline gas, or power and heat. The goal is to make it easier for users to be educated on the landfill's renewable energy generation, simply by scrolling the page.


As a part of their respective communities, the Vogel companies have a lot to say to help customers get the most out of their service. The blog is updated monthly with tips for consistent collection, information about the company's environmental impact, and important news updates.

Online Collection Calendar

Our dynamic collection calendar system allows Vogel customers to look up their waste and recycling collection schedule year after year, as well as other forms and notes for their service area. These custom sites also integrate with third party billing software to update customer information automatically, keeping data accurate and saving our client time.

Online Career Portal

Because all of the Vogel businesses work together closely, they are able to share a common job listing portal. Job-seekers can now see all of the open positions in the Vogel Holding network.

SEO Focused Content Pages

The old hauling sites were very thin on content and missed a lot of major informational points. The new site has dedicated landing pages for roll-off dumpsters, customer service, commercial service and more. The goal of the site is to provide as much useful information upfront as possible. This also allows us to focus on certain SEO-rich keywords and improve our quality scores for their Google AdWords campaigns.

Calls to Action and Contact Forms with Goals

Sales-driven pages now feature up to two prominent call-to-action buttons to help funnel potential customers to the Contact page. This helps reduce page bounce rates and increase conversions.

Digital Marketing

As each of the sites was completed, the team at Vogel decided to build upon their relationship with us. They asked for recommendations to expand their online footprint and improve their business. We built a strategy based on their most pressing needs.

Google Ads Campaign

Although the websites were already ranking high organically, we wanted to make sure each company would show up high on the SERP page for terms like: "dumpster rental," "set up garbage pickup" and "recycling services for businesses." We manage ongoing Google Ads campaigns for each company's services in their primary service radius. The campaigns have generated thousands of residential, commercial, and dumpster leads for the companies over the past few years.

Facebook Hiring Campaign

Hiring new drivers was a priority for many of the hauling companies. We ran Facebook Ads campaigns to promote job listings and raise awareness about hiring events. With targeting, we drove 299 link clicks for as low as $0.21 per click.Screen shots of Vogel Holding digital marketing ad results

Local Listings and Review Management

Each company had been receiving reviews on Google, Yelp and YP, but no one had been monitoring or responding to them. We developed a system to monitor for new reviews and respond accordingly. We coordinate with their customer service team to make sure each response is accurate and addressed in a timely manner. As a result, many users have increased their star ratings after receiving our response and having a positive interaction with a Resolution Specialist.


Over the years, the Vogel companies had developed inconsistencies in which logos to use, where they were stored, and which letterheads to use. For each company, we recreated all logo versions with modern best-practices and created asset files: color versions, black-and-white versions, print and web-friendly versions, letterheads for all departments, etc. We provided all files in a server-sharable folder with .dotx Word templates. This package also included a new style guide for consistent and accurate branding.


We're not afraid to get dirty! Our team has provided digital photography and aerial drone photography of the companies' trucks, residential carts, dumpsters, landfill, and more.

Row of Vogel Holding trucks
Vogel Holding recycling facility
Vogel Holding waste treatment facility
Vogel Holding dumpster in suburban neighborhood

Custom Development

With so many companies, divisions, and departments, the Vogel Holding companies sought an integrated solution to keep their business running smoothly. We have worked closely with the companies to design custom databases, workflow solutions, and more. These systems are completely tailored to their unique needs.

SMS System

This system was developed to track safety and report events. It keeps drivers and supervisors in the loop with proper documentation of safety-related issues.

HR System

With so many employees, the companies required a way to consistently manage records and requirements. We programmed an all-in-one system so that managers and supervisors could document health insurance, drivers licenses, benefits, and more.

Recycling Inventory Management

TC Recycling has warehouses full of processed materials. We developed a system with barcode scanners so they would know exactly how many bales of each materials were stored, when they were created, etc.

As Vogel Holding, Inc. grows and expands their footprint, we look forward to continuing to optimize their websites, marketing, and internal workflow systems.

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