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How to Get A Google Review Removed


Google My Business is a free feature offered by Google to both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Your business probably has one, whether you know it or not.Google My Business information is represented in the right-hand box that appears on certain Google searches. This is called the Knowledge Panel, and contains things like your business' hours, a link to your website, user reviews, photos,...Read More

Palo Construction Website Launch


Francis J. Palo, Inc. General Contractors is a construction company based in Clarion, PA. Their long-standing website showcased their heavy highway division, but made no mention of their other divisions: Industrial, CNG and Environmental Services. They wanted a website that showcased the full scope of their capabilities with a fresh, modern look.After assessing their needs, Joyce, Inc. began...Read More

Solutio Tek Website Launch


How do you show an odor?That's the problem one company brought to us. Solutio Tek, an odor control solution company, was having trouble communicating their services into a visual website. They were also in the middle of changing the name of their company, making this a perfect time for a website redesign.Our design team developed a new site with a clean, bright feel. The homepage photos showcase a...Read More

Control Yourself! (New Control Panel Updates)


As a client of Joyce, Inc., you have access to a Control Panel that lets you easily access and edit many aspects of your site. If you've never used it, or haven't used it recently, here are some of the things you're able to do (depending on your site's age and type):Edit page contentWrite a new blog entrySee your leads (contact form submissions)Update your agents or staffChange photos Update...Read More

All Pittsburgh Real Estate and Bootay Bevington


This year, our season started off with a double-header. A long-time client challenged us to update both of their websites at the same time. Bootay Bevington & Nichols, LLC is celebrating 15 years of serving Pittsburgh and wanted to celebrate with a more attractive, mobile friendly website. Our content writers set up SEO-rich dedicated pages for each of their services offerings so that...Read More

High Flight Academy Website


High Flight Academy is a flight school based out of the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport. After trying multiple different approaches to getting their website built, they contacted us to get their site airborne (if you'll pardon the pun). The client's requests: Elevate the design and content to a professional level. Help funnel visitors to sign up for a $99 test...Read More

Myth-Busting: Why Realtors DO Need an IDX Website


Joyce, Inc. specializes in websites for real estate brokers. Below are some of the myths and misconceptions we've encountered while discussing our IDX website software, ListingManager. Myth: New websites are expensive. Close one extra transaction and you'll have recouped your cost. The new site will provide plenty of ways to capture that one extra sale. Myth: Realtors don't need...Read More

Harvest Real Estate


As a brand-new real estate company, Harvest Real Estate Services was looking for a full-service agency to help them get established online. The Joyce, Inc. team provided a from-scratch site design and wrote all content for the site with one thing in mind: community. During our initial Discovery meetings with the Harvest team, we heard over and over that "community" was the foundation...Read More

Houses Shared on Social Media Sell Faster, For More Money


We get asked by our real estate clients all the time: "How should I be using social media for my real estate agency?" Every business is different, and every social media strategy should be customized. But there is one piece of information we give to all of our real estate clients: houses that are posted on social media sell faster and for more money. As we've worked with real...Read More

Aishel IDX Website


Aishel Real Estate provides buyer/seller services, but also property management, property investment advising, and rental properties. They needed their new homepage to help drive users to the appropriate content page quickly and easily. Aishel Real Estate's new homepage guides users toward the right section of the site with above-the-fold buttons for each of their business units....Read More

Regent Penn


Albert Anthony Real Estate has partnered with REGENT PENN to bring modular homes to Pittsburgh. This broker-builder project is one of the first endeavors to build new homes faster and with less disturbance in the dense neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. The homes are constructed off-site in a climate-controlled facility in Pennsylvania, then shipped and assembled onsite. Because modular builds are so...Read More

RE/MAX Realty Access


RE/MAX Realty Access approached us requesting a completely new site.This client had two priorities: improving their site's design and boosting traffic.For the overall look and feel of the site, we played into the RE/MAX logo's color scheme and invested in beautiful, high-quality photography. To improve the functionality and SEO-friendliness of the site, we wrote the content for several new pages...Read More

ListingManagerâ„¢ Release Announcement


Way back in 1999, our very first client was a real estate company. To meet their needs, we developed an IDX for West-Penn Multi List subscribers called ListingManager™. Over the years this IDX program has changed and evolved, with small improvements in each new version. Now, we're ready to release ListingManager™ 4.0, the most comprehensive update yet. We have completely...Read More

APRO Realty


APRO Realty has been a ListingManager™ client since 2008, but their original site was designed before mobile-friendliness was a necessity. They asked for their site to be modernized, and were impressed with how many improvements and new features were available by upgrading to ListingManager™ 4.0. The APRO team find their onsite Mortgage Comparison tool especially useful. Their old...Read More

Albert Anthony Broker Site


Improving your website doesn't have to be a time-intensive project. Sometimes a behind-the-scenes update can go a long way. This was the case with Albert Anthony Real Estate. The brokerage had undergone a complete web redesign in 2015. As an agency intent upon using the newest technologies, they were eager to take advantage of our new ListingManager™ 4.0 upgrades, but didn't want...Read More

Agent Site: Susan Lee


After having upgraded their broker site to ListingManager™ 4.0, the Albert Anthony principals decided to offer agents their own IDX websites under the domain. This is a relatively new possibility under the West Penn Multi-List rules, and we were happy to empower their agents with fully-function IDX sites. The Albert Anthony team decided to establish a...Read More

Carlson & Associates


Carlson and Associates has been one of our longest-standing clients. We had designed their website in 2006 on the original version of ListingManager™. Though the technology still worked, they were ready to modernize the appearance and functionality of their website with an upgrade to ListingManager™ 4.0. We used homepage space to funnel users into three categories based on their...Read More

Czekalski Real Estate


Czekalski Real Estate has been a Natrona Heights establishment for decades and has been passed down through four generations. Their new website blends of tradition and modernness. The look and feel of the imagery and color scheme reflects their classic, long-established business history but features all the modern accouterments and technologies provided by ListingManager™. Because...Read More

Buy-N-Sell Real Estate


Buy-N-Sell Real Estate, established in 1978, has been a client for many years. But with the passage of time, their website had come to look dated and unfriendly. The client told us that his old website "looked like the 80s, like I-Want-My-MTV, like a mullet." He was ready for a cosmetic and functional upgrade. is now fully mobile-friendly, user-friendly...Read More

SSB Bank Website Launch


SSB Bank in the North Side has served Pittsburgh since 1922. Formerly Slovak Savings Bank, the company began the process of rebranding to a shorter, more familiar name in 2016. The rebranding included a new logo, a new set of design standards, a new branch location in McCandless, and a new website. We were brought on to provide a modern, mobile-friendly website. The goal of the site was to...Read More

Vogel Hauling Sites Launch


Vogel Holding, Inc. has served western Pennsylvania for 58 years. What started with two people and a truck has evolved into a legacy with seven companies. The Vogel family of businesses has been a client of ours for many years, and they were due for a website facelift. But instead of just redesigning from a cosmetic perspective, we beefed up the functionality of all of their hauling sites. Here...Read More

R&R Trucking Website Launch


We love it when our clients have drive. One of our most recent projects was a new website for R&R Trucking LLC, a commercial hauling company. With their fleet of trucks and years of experience, they provide services in hauling construction debris, demolition debris, and other materials. They came to us fired up to get a new, sleek, user-friendly website. And we happily...Read More

How to Improve Your Reviews and Online Reputation


Remember when your mom taught you that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all? That logic does not apply to online reviews. Online star-ratings and reviews are a critical part of how we decide where to shop, what to eat, and what service providers to engage. There are literally thousands of places to read and write reviews. The big ones are, of...Read More

Seneca Landfill Website Launch


Seneca Landfill, located in Western PA, had no website or online presence. However, as part of a larger family of waste disposal businesses, Seneca Landfill realized that having a web site is a basic business requirement. Additionally, putting together a complete website could satisfy multiple utility, sales and public relations needs. The Challenge: At first, we saw this website as a...Read More

Is Google Apps for Work right for your business?


Twenty-five years ago, "you've got mail" entered the cultural vocabulary. Today, e-mail is one of our most important forms of communication. You use email every day. In the office. Inter-office. Intra-office. At home. On mobile devices. Communicating with customers, co-works, clients, vendors, friends, family, relatives, strangers. How did we ever communicate without email? If...Read More

4 Secrets About Google's Elimination of Right Column Ads


It seems like every year, Google makes a major change that sends ripples through the digital community. 2016 is off to an exciting start with Google's recent announcement regarding its AdWords project: Google has eliminated right-column ads. The move is an effort to increase consistency between search results on desktop and mobile. As a business owner, this has major implications. A Google...Read More

Somerset Environmental Solutions Site Launch


One of the greatest things about web development and marketing is learning from our clients. We pride ourselves on becoming experts in your business, and in your market, so that we can develop effective solutions and recommendations to drive your business. Because of this, we often find ourselves saying, "I had no idea this product (or industry) existed before we started working on your...Read More

All Star Sports Bar & Grill Website Launch


What's the secret ingredient for a great restaurant? A great website. All Star Sports Bar & Grill provides fresh, house-made food and a huge selection of beer in an upscale sports bar environment. With the addition of several new locations, they knew their current web presence would have to be revamped. One key factor we had to think through was the local SEO value of their multiple...Read More

Clearing Up Misconceptions about "Mobilegeddon"


Few things have struck fear into the digital community like "Mobilegeddon." In April, Google announced a significant new algorithm update that’s designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. The Joyce Inc. team has been working with our clients to ensure that they are all mobile-compatible, and to dispel some of the major...Read More

New Control Panel For Clients


We're proud to announce our new client control panel! The new version of this control panel is designed to be more user friendly and functional using a clean and simple design. Our goal with this initial launch is to improve the user experience while retaining all the functionality that you are used to when it comes to editing your site's content. This version will help pave the way for...Read More